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31.05.11: Lume Game update

Since we launched Lume, we have received some really wonderful feedback about the game. Thanks to everyone who has got in touch saying how much they have enjoyed playing it. If you haven't got your copy yet, all the information you need to get it, can be found here. To keep up to date with things, we regularly post reviews we come across on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also we try and regularly update our Lume Developer blog too.

Since launch you can now download the soundtrack and as of today Lume is available to buy from Mac Game Store for Mac users too.

lume website


09.05.11: At Last! Lume available for download

As you will probably be aware of we have been working very hard on a very special project. With the origins of the project going back years Lume is finally live and available to buy. We are very excited it is finally released. The deepest winter was spent working on a paper and cardboard model house and garden for the game, wiring the set up with minature doll's house lighting, lots of testing of the prototype, and lusciously filming the set, to create a very unique game. The results are now available to for everyone to see. The game is available through the following sites Steam Direct2Drive or Gamersgate. Please visit our game site here and the developer blog of how we made it is here. The best bit is this only part 1 of a larger series we plan to make.

Lume Game screenshot


28.04.11: Eco Hound launched

We were really pleased to be asked recently to work on a great project for Simplicity Energy, involving teaching school children about energy saving and their carbon footprint. We were commisioned to create games, branding and web design for there new site Eco Hound. Take a look at the site here


15.02.11: NEW GAME! World Cricket 2011 is launched on Miniclip

In time for the Cricket World Cup, take up the challenge and hit the targets in the Arcade mode, or compete in the World Cricket Challenge and beat your opponents to win the trophy in our latest game World Cricket 2011

World Cricket 2011

World Cricket 2011

World Cricket 2011


27.01.11: A quick peek at our new game.

It feels like a while since we have posted on here, but here is a few snippets of what we've been up to:

Switch screenshot

switch making of

Switch screenshot 2

Watch this space for more...


23.11.10: NEW GAME! A Short History of the World just launched on Mochi games

A thrill ride through the history of time. 38 exciting mini games, each one covering a different period in history from the Ice Age to present day. Additional new levels are exclusive to Mochigames. Enjoy!


01.11.10: October round up : Headspin: Storybook reaction and new project info

It's been an exciting month for State of Play, we saw the launch of our first game for the app store Headspin Storybook in partnership with our friends at Brandwidth. The reaction to the game has been fantastic! Excellent reviews from lots of App sites, including this great summing up by

"Headspin: Storybook is an excellent app that is truly groundbreaking. It’s amazing flipping through the pop up pages, and enjoying the fine detail in every aspect of the app. Then there is a very deluxe and challenging gameplay mechanic included as well." 5th October 2010.

Other highlights include the game being featured in The Guardian online 'Ten best new iPad games' feature, as well as an excellent review in the Guardian guide section, take a look at it below:

The most important response though are the people playing the game, and we have had lovely reviews from people of all ages, who are loving the game for lots of different reasons. We have even had one of our Grans who's 92 enjoying the game on the iPad.

If you have the game (or even if you don't yet) We would love you to vote for our game in the Mashable awards, just log in with your Twitter or Facebook account and nominate away.

If you haven't got the game already, why not? Like the guardian reviewer said about it " is the price of a Mars bar, will keep you entertained for considerably longer and won't make you fat and spotty. Bargain." Download it here now!

Headspin: Storybook

Other stuff on the go, and will hopefully all go live before Christmas.

- A brand new sports game
- A fast and furious action-puzzler based around the history of the world. Yes, the entire history, we kid you not.
- An animation for a very fine charity
- A puzzle game.... Details are still Classified, but unofficial leaks claim to have seen small paper characters running around the studio.

Watch this space for more information about these projects.

Happy November

State of Play team


02.10.10: Headspin: Storybook now available on the App store for iPad & iPhone

Headspin Storybook now in the App Store It's true, you can now get 'Headspin: Storybook' for your iPhone, and in sumptuous HD for your iPhone 4 or iPad. New graphics, extra levels and a new 'Free Play' mode. All yours for just 59p, can't say fairer than that.

headspin ipad image

Headspin: Storybook


06.09.10: Exciting launches - Headspin: Storybook coming soon on the iPad & iPhone

We are pleased to announce following on from the success of Headspin Storybook online, the game is soon launching on iPad & iPhone platforms. Combining the talents of State of Play and Brandwidth we have brought this magical concept to life, updating a much loved genre for the iPad generation. Click here for more information. Refresh yourself with the original game here



03.08.10: Programmer needed to join us for game goodness!

Come and play with us! We’re looking for a technical superhero to join us in creating nuggets of gaming wonder.

We’re after the following skills:

- Skilled in AS3 and AS2
- Objective-C
- Ideally experience of developing for the iPhone / iPad platform
- Experience of developing a game from the ground up
- An enthusiasm for games and a talent for developing creative games ideas, knowing what makes a good game
- The ability to work well and communicate within a team
- The ability to learn new skills as required

Nice to have:
- Skilled in HTML, CSS and PHP
- Other programming experience
- Design skills

Please send us a CV, a link to your portfolio or samples of work, and an explanation of why you think you’d be spot on, to:


20.07.10 SITE UPDATE : New Games and Animations... Carnival Showdown & Oxfam Good Aid and Does Aid Work?

Carnival Showdown is now live.

Roll up, roll up, for the Carnival Showdown! Get your gun, flex that twitchy trigger finger, and become the best shooter in town.

Carnival Shott

Good Aid & Does Aid Work? animations for Oxfam

We recently created some great animations for Oxfam which you can see on our animation page. At State of Play it's great when one of our animations really makes an impact, and we were pleased to see these animations about the importance of giving Aid made an appearance on Channel 4 news, as well as becoming great viral hits too.

Oxfam goodaid

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08.07.10 NEW GAME! Soccer Pro is launched on Miniclip

It’s time to settle some World Cup scores. Skip past the defence then beat the keeper in the head-to-head super-slo-mo Zone. Play it here


27.04.10 NEW ANIMATIONS! Four new animations updated online

We have updated our animation page with four new animations. Take a look at them here


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05.02.10 NEW GAME! Pro Football for Miniclip

We are pleased to annouce 'Pro Football' a brand new game we have created for Miniclip

You're on the offence! Run and score touchdowns plus gain extra points with field goal kicking accuracy in this fast and furious American Football game.

Pro Football menu

Pro Football kicking

Pro Football Running

Pro football animaiton